Sunday, 16 March 2014

With a little dusting off...we're back....this time in the MALDIVES !

Like an old gramophone with low-scratchy-sounds quickly turning into a full bodied melody, so too will my little blog slot right back into showing what we've recently been up to!!

The Maldives....Indian Ocean.....lots of atolls......warm inviting water......super abundant marine life....a very nice place!

The first stop was the Alifu Dhaalu Atoll...needless to say the first thing I did on arrival was ditch the traveling clothes and jump into the warm inviting waters. But...the trouble with not freediving for a long time is that you lose your ability to hold your breath..but you THINK you still can do it. So you take a deep breath and go down deep. A third of the way down you find yourself running our of air and needing to surface immediately!!!! .... "has it been THAT long since I last went freediving???"   Answer: Yes

So, the first order of business is getting back into shape, which surprisingly doesn't take that long.....just gotta expand those lungs again ...and re-grow flipper feet :)

.....Going a little deeper each time......

...while taking in the views of the abundant marine life which seem unafraid of humans ....getting very close and swimming right up to me!

Mafushivaru provided the perfect introduction to the Maldives. A quiet, clean, relaxing and very inviting location to forget where you just came from!

It didn't hurt that they had a private island that you could have all to yourselves as well...

...where you can have dinner on the yourselves....

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