Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Europe Trip (Favorite Photos) - ICELAND Reykjavik- October 2013


Probably not the place you'd go to for a scuba (dry-suit) experience...but that's exactly what we did....

I believe the water temperature was 2 degrees was pretty cold, but to have the experience of diving between the continental divide (AND BEING ABLE TO TOUCH BOTH SIDES AT THE SAME TIME) is something I'm quite proud to have done.

Putting into practice all that i had learned about underwater videography, into THIS particular drive was extremely challenging. This was because we had to wear dry-suits and fight off the cold at the same time.

The dry suits in themselves were very difficult to move in but extremely necessary. In addition to this, dry-suits are extremely buoyant AND you further fill them with air from your tank! Xontrolling assent and decent was a challenging to say the lest.... let alone fiddling with cameras and trying to get the right angle and not shake!

Oh and then there was the fact that the gloves we had to wear had only THREE FAT GIANT FINGERS...which made using the Gopro rather difficult.

Still, I had fun :) and here's the result (remember to watch it in on the little cog on the bottom right and choose 720p):

And this is the other thing i will always remember about see this live and with your own eyes is an unforgettable experience.....The Aurora Borealis!

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