Friday, 11 October 2013

Europe Trip (Favorite Photos) - Dublin - October 2013

Dublin, Ireland....I actually like this city and country....we came here to attend TBEX which was great fun, got to meet, like-minded and friendly people! (and of course learn some cool stuff as well). The two things i will take away are:

1) Cool tips and tricks re. photography; and
2) "Tato" Brand - Cheese and Onion flavor! - (chips/crisps). I didn't think i would find one of my most favorite and tasty junk foods in IRELAND....i mean one would think you'd find it in the USA or ASIA....but IRELAND???

We stayed at some very quaint and comfortable places...including CASTLES!! the below was the Clontarf Castle i believe:

(Photo taken in the rain...fortunately my camera still works and that the rain didn't actually come out in the photograph)

And this little homely room was located in the Fitzwilliam Hotel right in Dublin CBD itself!

(I liked the different colors....purple, green, red and white...)

Got to have a nice lunch too...very classy......(quite unlike my style)   ;)

(Primarily focusing THROUGH the glass)

Thanks to the local council we were given a number of free trips around Dublin city and the Irish countryside:

Dublin was surprisingly lively at night too!

It was a pity it rained a bit but it was still a nice place to visit....

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