Monday, 24 March 2014

MALDIVES - Falhumaafushi,Gaafu Alifu Atoll

Our next stop was Falhumaafushi on the Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Here's a classic example where looks can be deceiving..... On arrival, the waters were not overly inviting, it seemed that there were broken/dead coral, there was seaweed floating around (which tend to resemble floating poo) and the visibility was quite low. Nevertheless i never give up a chance to jump into the sea.....and I'm glad i did.

Here are some macro shots i managed to snap.....

I didn't know these little crabs were so colorful and prickly !!!!

A very VERY close-up of a brain coral.....

Managed to catch the light shimmering off the surface of the water and reflecting onto a brain coral

Now...if you think the underwater pictures were taken from a fancy underwater'd be wrong..... I used my four year old point-and-shoot camera, the Cannon D10. I've been wanting to get the D20 but i just found out that the D30 has already been released!!! (yes i'm slightly behind the times). I'm sure the D30 would yield nice pictures too, but i can say that a big part of photography is know where, when and how to take the shot. And if you've got that... then a 3rd generation camera can also produce beautiful pictures.

Then at the end of a long hard day snorkeling and being in total awe of the Indian ocean can sit back...and enjoy this:

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