Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Timelapse Result Part 1 -Yosemite (Halfdome) Sunset

(See below for location and shooting details)

With the Tips and Tricks that i have outlined in my previous posts HOPEFULLY you'd be G'ed up enough to get out there and actually get some awesome shots of your own.

Getting out there is the fun part........
Seeing amazing animals while you get out there is the fun part......
knowing that you're going to be getting some stunning shots is the fun part...........
knowing that  you will see an unbelievable the fun part....

EVERYTHING is the fun part.....

Everything on this page was taken on North Dome (opposite Half dome). Took about 2-3 hours to hike there from the trail-head but it was well worth it. The sun set was amazing and the view was even better:

Quite annoying how Blogger cant center photos properly......


Location:                                  Yosemite National Park
Camera:                                    GoPro HDHERO2
Settings:                                   11 mp on .5 sec interval
Time of Arrival:                          5:07pm
Duration of Time Lapse:          2 hour 3 minutes
Number of shots in sequence:  13,174
Total size used:                         28.8 Gigabytes
Wind condition:                        Strong (especially at sunset) - find shelter when waiting for timelapse
Temperature:                            10 to 15 degrees Celsius ( 50 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit)
Hiking time:                                2-3 hours from trail head
Lessons learned:                      Bring bear spray!!!

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