Saturday, 24 November 2012

Time Lapse Results Part 2 - Sunset

(Details of location and shot located below)

My last day at Yosemite marked a most bitter-sweet moment, knowing that I had witnessed and experienced amazing events and at the same time knowing that I may not return for many, many years....if at all.

To make the most of it, I hiked along the "4-Mile Trail" which extends from Yosemite Valley all the way up to Glacier Point. This is where the above time lapse was taken. The trail was not hard and I got to meet many people along the way.....

On my travels I met so many people who were older than me and I observed the following:
- That many of them walk slower and stop more often than me, but covered more ground than me;
- Spoke less than me and listened more than me;
- They are quick to understand yet slow so show it thus allowing the whole story to be told by me.

Taking in the unbelievable scenery of Yosemite and meeting like minded people throughout your treks/trails/hikes will make this one of your life's most memorable experiences.




Location:                                  Yosemite National Park
Camera:                                    GoPro HDHERO2
Settings:                                   11 mp on .5 sec interval
Time of Arrival:                          5:07pm
Duration of Time Lapse:          2 hour 5 minutes
Number of shots in sequence:  19,791
Total size used:                         33.6 Gigabytes
Wind condition:                        Negligible
Temperature:                            15 - 20 degrees Celsius ( 60 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit)
Hiking time:                                45 mins from Glacier Point trail head. Coming from the valley would take a bit longer
 Lessons learned:                      Bring an empty mind and fill it with great memories of Yosemite national park!!

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