Sunday, 8 July 2012

Underwater Photography - Part 4

On my travels i have not met many people that do not enjoy floating in the sea and watching fish or cephalopods swim around you!.... Or enjoy looking down into an amazing and infinitely colorful coral garden where tiny little fish swim and play!

So...your challenge now will be to try to capture "some" of what you see when you are amongst all those amazing sights. I find that you will never be able to capture everything you experience or feel! But when has that ever stopped me so "try" to do any way..... :)

So without further rambling let me get to my next tip.

Tip #6 Look beyond your target.

What i mean by this is, inevitably behind "that fish" or "that piece of coral" there is likely to be an amazing backdrop. The scenery itself can be totally breathtaking! I realize that when you get into the water there is so many things to look at and its hard to "take everything in". But if you have the time and you know you'll be there for a few days or at least a few snorkeling session then "slow down" and try to force your eyes to "look around".

Also just like above-sea-level geography (where there are cliffs and drop-offs and gullies and hills), the same thing can be found underwater as well! And these are just as nice to take as above-sea-level ones! So if you look beyond your intended target you may see some of these. Below are some examples...

To the left is a picture of a coral garden that is also a natural gully...almost like a foot-path along a garden..... It has formed something like a nice little miniature canyon (if you were the size of the fish).

To the right is an underwater CLIFF!!!! Fortunately unlike above-land geography you CAN NOT FALL TO YOUR DEATH!! Instead you can fly and float on-top of it!!! You can try to swim down to it but underwater cliffs/drop-offs tend to be very deep!

Any how that't it for to forage for some food and get ready for work....I hope some of the things written here has helped you in some way.....


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